The National Climate Change Strategy is the instrument that will guide our actions as a nation, to tackle climate change over the next 40 years. Based on the most recent and solid scientific evidence, the Strategy raises achievable goals that go beyond a mere reduction in greenhouse gases. It outlines a long-term route to improve the health and quality of life of the population, in addition to turning Mexico into a more resilient society. This national level strategy, which will require effective coordination between the three levels of government (national, local and municipal) and both the private and social sectors, is the result of a broad-based participatory effort between the public, companies and academia with the National Government. It is the product of a democratic exercise carried out by the entire society.

The Strategy consists of a climate change national and international context section, followed by its main objective, a Vision for 10-20-40 years, and finally the Pillars for national policy development, and the strategic axes for Adaptation and Mitigation.